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Benefits of Gas Inserts

So, you've heard all about the advantages of gas fireplaces over wood-burning fireplaces: they're cleaner, they're safer, they're easier, and they look just as good. Now, you'd like to have one for yourself. The only trouble is, you already have a fireplace. Do you have to simply live with what you have? Do you have to remove your existing fireplace and install a gas one in its place?

No. There is a much simpler and less expensive solution. All you need is a gas fireplace insert.

Gas fireplace inserts, as the name suggests, are inserted inside an existing fireplace to convert it to a gas-burning fireplace. The inserts can be installed in a traditional masonry unit or a prefabricated factory unit.They come with either a thermostat or a remote control.

Gas fireplace inserts make decorating easy. They offer many options for the surrounding area. Some come with brick or tile. Others come with an empty frame in which you can add tiles. These tiles do not have to be grouted or permanently affixed--they simply slide in place. This makes it easy to change the entire look of your fireplace to match any décor.

Another advantage to gas fireplaces is their energy efficiency. A little known fact about wood-burning fireplaces is that they are a source of heat loss--they literally suck the hot air out of a room. Gas fireplaces, on the other hand, are energy and cost efficient. If you are planning to use your fireplace as a heating unit, you will need to buy inserts with a metal grille. Some units are available in which the grille is hidden or decorated. If, however, your fireplace is merely decorative, you do not need the grille at all.

Remember, just because you already have a fireplace, it doesn't mean you are stuck with it. With a little bit of money and creativity, you can give your fireplace--and your home--a whole new look.

Gas Fireplaces Info provides detailed information about ventless, outdoor, corner, and natural gas fireplaces, and gas fireplace stoves, as well as gas fireplace inserts, logs, and more. Gas Fireplaces Info is the sister site of Fireplace Mantels Web.

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